Blume Mechanical, LLC’s fully automated sheet metal shop with an Iowa Precision coil line and Plasma Cutter, produces ductwork with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our team has countless years of experience in fabricating sheet metal with unmatched knowledge and expertise in producing ductwork per job design specifications.

Downloadable capabilities are available directly from the CAD department to the coil line and plasma cutter to initiate fabrication. All ductwork is systematically wiped down and covered on both ends to ensure a clean product is delivered to the jobsite. Between two separate buildings we can prefab ductwork and then store it until delivery.

Whether it is Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Copper we can fabricate any specialty item required, such as roof curbs, pipe stands, plenums, and fan housings. In addition, unlike traditional sheet metal shops, we have specialized iron working capabilities essential to fabricating items that require heavier steel and metals.